Our Story

It was 2003,  I was asked to photograph an album release concert by Kate Lamont.  During the Show,  Josie kept catching my eye.  What a great turn of events when she approached me while I was packing up. "You ever need any help?" she asked. The rest is history!  We combined our efforts and never looked back, photographing our first wedding in film, during the Winter of 2003.  We fell in Love and made Crowe's Eye a "family" owned business with its roots in Indianapolis, Indiana when we married in 2006.  Less then two years later, our "little feather" Shelby was born, and Crowe's Eye Photography surpassed its 100th wedding.  

After thirteen+ years of experience, Crowe's Eye embraces photography at the highest quality.  We start with the desire to create a rich, compelling story within our photographs.  We want to make photographs that have a presence all their own, a story without words.  Photographs worthy of being experienced and returned to year after year. 

 About John

It all started for me in 1994 while in the arts magnet in high school . My visual arts teacher took us into the dark, and I made my first ever print, a photogram. An image made by arranging objects onto photographic paper and exposing it. When the paper went into the developer, it was magic! From that moment I knew I was a photographer and it became somewhat an obsession. A healthy one. It has led me through travels, meeting wonderful people, spiritual growth, direction in life and putting food on the table. It has served me well and I am happy to share my love of it with others.

I also love the outdoors, camping and hiking. It is truly the place where I feel myself. I have no fear heading into the woods, even dark ones.  Mountains, forests and rivers makes me a happy man, throw in a motorcycle and my family would probably say I'm in heaven, and I'd say,  just about! 

Putting a camera in my hands is adventure, or at the very least, the keys to it.

 About Joslyn

Photography made its way into my life as a college sophomore, quickly matching my desire to tell of life and scenes in a poetic way.  Before the year was over, taking, developing and printing photographic conceptual stories became my language.  As school finished up, I begin to glean my true education... the hands on, real people, real experiences of life.  I was blessed by a community of artists around me, from friends to family members, and creative entrepreneurship was in my blood.  Within a few years, I dove into photography without knowing if I would sink or swim,  built a darkroom in my studio apartment, shot all I could on the side and was set out to make it happen.  Eventually . . . it did. 

These days, the majority of my work is service oriented. I photograph for others, documenting their weddings, a special moment in life or once in a life time occasion.  I see what I do as a way to help slow down the life that passes us all too quickly, to help preserve what is so very worth holding onto.  I believe a photograph can evoke an overwhelming emotion of recollection, and this is the magic in the craft for me.  This nostalgia is truly what keeps me bound to wanting to make life meaning photographs.  

When I am not photographing, editing, or thinking about the two... I am mothering my young children.  In fact, I'm usually doing at least two of those things at once.  Balancing life with work is a continued struggle for me, but a few things keep me on the right path; my husband, a few cups of coffee in the morning, a glass of wine at night, a family that supports what I do, and most of all, my trust and faith in God.  By grace I am saved, undeserving, but so very grateful for all that enriches my work and daily life. 

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