For fifteen years now we've been photographing weddings.  We are a husband and wife team who love seeing our clients dressed so to the nines, the exquisite and ornate details, the anticipation and romantic love bundled with the nervous butterflies, the excitement all around as the bride begins her walk down the aisle.  You can't beat these emotions and beautiful moments that we witness as photographers.  Sometimes we ask ourselves, "are we the only ones that see all that happens on this monumental day?"  I think we see so much more than the average attendee or other vendors for sure, and it makes our job so rewarding. It's a roller coaster ride!!  We are pumped to get in the moment, take advantage of the beautiful surroundings and do our best to make the most of our experience making artful photographs that, yes, we hope will bring tears to your eyes when you see some of them. After all, we are artists, and we strive to create imagery that speaks to the heart and transcends time.  Our work is not caught up in fads or popular filter trends, but based in a style that we have developed over the years. It's classic, elegant and refined. We seek out strong composition while allowing our clients to remain in the experience of their wedding day. When the time is right, we guide you into place and allow those moments to happen, we're ready and the photographs are magical. Photographs can achieve timelessness, and our albums compile those moments of celebration with family and friends in such a way that in ten, twenty, thirty and more years, when that album comes out, the memories and stories of this great day come alive.  If this sounds a bit like how you value your wedding photography, then the next step is to reach out to us via email or a phone call to schedule a personal consultation.  You'll want to scroll down and take a look at our PACKAGES to see what we offer in terms of packages.  If you're ready for a consultation, please take a minute to fill in this CONTACT FORM about specific details or concerns of your wedding, it will help us better serve you and make the most of our time as we plan your photography together.  We look forward to meeting you and being part of your story.   


The Crowe's Eye Packages

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             All packages require a minimum 50% non refundable deposit to hold your date.

    You may opt to pay in full with cash, check or charge, make multiple scheduled payments over time, or choose the traditional retainer and final payment plan.  Regardless of your payment choice, the full amount is due two weeks prior to your wedding date.


Love one another, Love your photography