Make a great impression before you meet


   You know what I love best about headshots?  Everyone is so surprised at how good they look when they get their final images.  "you made me look so great" or "I never look as good as you made me look," I love that!  It has taken practice, and I think a lot has to do with my history in drawing and painting from life.  You walk around your subject looking for the best view, then you get started, and Before long you've created something that has personality.  I liken headshots to that process.  I find everyone has a great smile, except maybe three year olds when you're asking for it. lol.  I also feel everyone has that good truth in their eye. I look for that, and usually I find it because I love looking people in the eye. Truly it is the window unto thy soul, and I find most people have good ones.

   You want to look your best in all forms of media, and the right photographer makes a big difference.  It takes me twenty minutes on average per individual to hone in on that best look I find.  You can be confident that in the time you spend with me (John), you'll receive the right image for your first impression or updated look.

   The cost for your head shot session is $200 and includes travel within Indianapolis.  Call for office estimates.   You will be given a private secure online proof gallery to view and select your favorites to be enhanced.  Included in your investment are two enhanced images of your choosing from your portfolio, emailed to you in high resolution as well as web ready format.  You may add additional looks (wardrobe) for $75.  Additional images beyond the two included are $50 each.  Crowe's Eye provides white, grey and black background choices, as well as environmental (cinema) looks. Just let us know which one you are interested in.

"John does an awesome job making everyone look beautiful!  When we had our headshots taken for our business website, he came in on time, and he does what he says he is going to do!  I believe our business has grown because of the great work he has done for us!"  ~Sally Groff, Owner, Groff & Associates, LLC

"We absolutely love the photos you took and are so happy with the selection you provided us. It was wonderful to have someone with your professionalism who was able to translate into action our needs and expectations for the β€œnew” face of our company." ~ Meredith Barkhurst, Citimark