It was once said to me "Roots and Wings" and that summarizes to us what being a Senior is all about.  You have come so far and have distilled the qualities and character that will carry you ahead.  We never realize how important our portraits are to the ones who love us, who raise us and encourage our individual spirit, especially in the years to come.  Senior Photography has always been about Freedom, the freedom to express yourself, your personality and style. Be free to share your story and the authentic you!

   I (John) grew up riding skateboards, playing soccer on a premiere travel team and was in the Magnet program for visual arts in High School. Senior portraits were quite different back then in the nineties, most of us went to the big studio with multiple backdrops and had our two or three outfits to wear. There wasn't much personality or character showing up in those images, I didn't have a skateboard, a soccer ball or any of my drawings or paintings with me, all of which were big parts of my life!                                                                                                                                                  Get ready to be yourself!  We show up on location and want to make photographs that show and tell your identity. Rock out with your guitar, show us your paintings.  Let's visit that special nook where you read and write, or take us to the field where you scored the winning run or goal.  You're going to love your portfolio of pictures!

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