The Wedding Book. Love at first sight.

Take our art and passion for photography, the sensibility, expectations and dreams of couples, families and individuals, along with the emotions and amazement of their loved ones... all these feelings take form in a book that you will love at first sight. Our Graphistudio albums shape your dreams of photography into a true heirloom thanks to a world-class quality and a style that expresses all the charm and sophistication that's only Made in Italy.

The choice of format options, papers, covers, coordinated accessories are very extensive. These options are perfect to produce your own unique book tailored towards meeting your specific style.

The covers. The story starts here.

Creating the cover is one of the most exciting moments in the book design process. Graphistudio albums has always offered an immense richness of materials and customizations. In order to guarantee uniqueness and exclusivity, the covers are all handmade in single copy, on the basis of the aesthetic sensibility and choices made by each client.

The widest range available on the market

The formats

Our book sizes range from the majestic 16x20” to the new 14x18”, the classic 12x16” to the compact 9.5x13” and 8x12”. The corresponding landscape and square versions are also available.

layout_page_orientation sample.jpg

The papers

You can choose the photographic or the metallic paper with digital laser printing, or as an alternative, the textured, smooth or pearl paper with digital offset printing.

All options are available with glossy or matte lamination with the exception of the metallic paper which is already laminated by default.

The Block

To enhance and preserve the high fidelity of the book prints, Graphistudio has invented and patented a revolutionary binding system, whose superior quality is literally self evident. The perfectly lay-flat opening allows a panoramic and detailed view of the whole spread, including the parts positioned over the seam. The result is a nearly cinematographic, captivating experience. The innovative mechanics of the block guarantees a quality unalterable throughout the years.

The Linings

The accurate preparation and attention to the details is what distinguish a quality product. Among these details, one of the most important is the lining: its color guarantees a harmonic combination between the outside and inside of the book, and its texture creates a balanced link between the precious cover material and the finishing of the pages. Apart from these aesthetic reasons, the linings play a basic role in the mechanical connection between the cover and the block. For this reason only the best cloths are used to fulfill this essential function. The color palette is extremely wide, as is the refined choice of the spun cloths available.

The Bindings

RIGID PAGES, THICK PAGES, THIN PAGES  allow you to choose the weight and magnitude of your album that best suites the overall feel and design of your album

Small copies. Share your emotions with your loved ones

Sharing the most treasured moments with your loved ones is an intense and universal desire, especially when this unrepeatable combination of emotions and art constitutes the visual story of the wedding. The parent and pocket books have been specifically created to fulfill this desire. Their measurements, perfectly proportional to those of the main books, are designed to allow the printing of exact copies with no need to modify or adapt the original files. From the enjoyable 8x12”, which can be dressed with a cover identical in material and layout to the one of primary book, to the surprising 2x2.5”, a real miniaturization masterpiece.

The parent books

This is the ideal gift for the parents or the closest relatives, and is available in the 8x12”, 6x8” or 4x5” sizes, in any orientation. The binding is exactly the same as the main book, and the selection of papers they can be printed on is wide and depends on the size chosen: from the textured or smooth paper, from the pearl to the photographic and on to the metallic. The 8x12” option can be customized with any cover available in our catalogue, while the 6x8” and 4x5” can be produced with either the dust cover jackets or the printed hard back. Each option makes the parent book a precious and authentic combination of the Wedding Book.