Landscapes, cityscapes, and personal moments.


Images from Kaleidoscope Indy project

We have been photographing Dance Kaleidoscope now for more than ten years and we wanted to do something a little extra for the company, so we came up with the idea to create a calendar that utilized various creative professionals from the Indianapolis area. Angel Olivera and J Benzal provided clothing, DL Lowry, True Colors, Faces by KLM and the French Pharmacie did the hair and make-up while the Indianapolis Art Museum and Art Center provided the working studio space. The dancers performed wonderfully as always and Printing was provided by Printing partners.  All the talent, space and materials were donated which produced the company a product that sold out and provided near 10k of additional working capital for Dance Kaleidoscope.  The dancers were photographed separately in studio and were dropped into the background HDR images of Indianapolis.

Unlucky 13

In October of 2013 John took a long awaited cross country van adventure. Unfortunately, due to the government shutdown, many of the National Parks were closed and inaccessible. The intended landmark destinations were now in the mirror and the new spontaneous road of the southwest lay ahead. Long stretches of quiet beauty and old fashioned maps guided the way.

Christel Dehann's Liberty House Sculpture Gardens                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Being selected to photograph Christel's Sculpture collection at her residence was a great honor. Having the freedom to roam and explore sculptures during the winter and summer season was a great experience, it seemed every time I would return I would leave with a new favorite, So many great artist out there!