A few moments in one hour

This handsome couple had style, beauty, and wit, and the results are making me very happy.  And, this short collection here is just a handful from one of the ten hours we spent together.  Someone once said that for every minute of organizing an hour is earned, and I applaud this couple for working with me on understanding that and making it happen.  Whenever I sit down with a set of new potential clients, I never get too far in the idea of photographing their wedding without discussing the time frame of the day... most importantly, when the time for the stellar, dedicated to photography time will take place {moments like these you see here}.  I don't think I could count the amount of emails Dawne, myself, Brad, and likely Ashley of the SR and others dedicted to working out a schedule, and even to the great lead of the groom, Brad, thinking out the best way to move through the city in an antique limo and a large stretch limo.  Not to mention fading light of an early sunset in the first weekend of day light savings.  We made it to some key spots, incorporated some of the full group, and even kept to the idea of family photos and elevator shots prior to walking out of the beloved Scottish Rite and into the November night of dancing ahead of us (I should say, ahead of them).  This is not a full view of the gorgeous wedding Brad and Dawne had late November (though I hope to do that sometime this winter), but it is a testimony to how very helpful it can be to communicate with the vendors hoping to make your day as smooth and as beautiful as possible ... not just "earning an hour" as the quote says, but actually giving creativity, spontaneity and romance a time to look its best.  Scottish Rite: http://www.aasr-indy.org/index.php/rental/building-rental

Scottish Rite Cathedral  Indianapolis Wedding Photography