Sky High

Atop of the great city of Indianapolis sits a beautiful view, 48 stories high in fact; porches on rooftops, red brick roads, dots of moving figures and traveling cars. {click image for full view of the shoot}. It's not often that we find ourselves spending the morning preparing for a sky high photo shoot and with the gift of a very blue sky, or photographing in the bows of such an architecturally sophisticated design, and yet, inspired and awakened we found ourselves. For a year or so I've been hoping to work with Kelly of D'Amore, and gratefully, in the connections made between vendors at a previous wedding show, it all started to happen.  We came together and made a plan to explore the space, experience the reflective nature of the windows and, surprise surprise, bring to this very modern of spaces an antique, soft and feminine look.  Of course, as you can see, we kept the props and details very minimal... but with the help of a few fellow creators, we created something that almost looks at home, quite nicely answering the challenge.  A huge thank you to everyone involved! Design Group knew exactly what I meant by my description of a bouquet sophisticated but vintage and classic, and {even more convincing that she is able to read my mind} Stacy also lent us a candelabra to use here and there.  I fell in love a little.  And then, a lot ... True Colors arrived and our bride for the day stepped into the light.  Oh how I love working with Rebecca, the perfect balance of color and a natural glow (both on her subjects and in her own spirit) make it such a delight.  And I have to admit, our model and friend, Kathryn, stunned us all.  We've seen her as a bride for PWG shows, and even as a model for other shoots in the past, but something about this shoot really suited her.  Thank you a thousand times over for her patience to look out of that window for an hour or so, for looking beautiful, and for taking to time to help find the perfect dress.  Cassandra of The Wedding Studio could not have been more charming in offering the ideal look for our goal, and if I could get married all over again, this is certainly where I would want my wedding dress experience to begin, and end.  So there we all were, in product or in person, and after letting it sink in that I was a little out of my element, (John perhaps feeling he was closer to it than usua), and the time started to really fly.  As did the planes and the flocks of geese.  I'm really looking forward to sharing the view as I saw it with you, and to the next time we have the pleasure of working with D'Amore!  Perhaps then we will have the full look of decor with LGi Linens participating, after all, he's really the one that spear headed this entire shoot.  Hvala!

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