Julie and Adam

     One wonderful day in May of 2016, we had the great pleasure of working with Julie and Adam . . . a match made for story telling with the very special name, Julie, at the center.  Sometimes it is all about timing, much how I remember their story from our first consultation, and definitely a key element to the wedding day.  Sarah of Plum and Poppy did a great job of all things punctual and pretty, along with the stunning work of Leslie White Hair and Makeup, and those sweet colorful flowers by Violets are Blue.  Their wedding party (especially the men, which you don't often hear such compliments about) were funny, kind and respectful...and even quite helpful when an extra hand was needed.  Julie's killer blue bedazzled shoes took on a life of their own, quietly resting among the twinkling details of the party and below the amazing chandeliers of this one of a kind venue.  Oh Alexander, such a complimentary scene to the love and memories being lived to the fullest there in your midst.  Julie and Adam, may those memories, that day and night, that special glow never leave you... a very happy one year anniversary.

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Alexander Hotel Indianapolis
Alexander Hotel Indianapolis
The Alexander Hotel