Mel and Rachel

   What a great wedding day for Mel and Rachel. Their ease and comfort with one another set the tone for the day right down to the sparkling end.  We started off with the setting of home, a gorgeous one at that.  Rachel and her mother shared some beautiful moments of getting ready before heading out to the reveal.  Rachel was such a beaming bride, and the personality that comes out of Mel's excitement as he see's her for the first time is priceless.  Sweet and romantic moments, pairing naturally with the sillier, lighter side of things.  The Ceremony was equally full of heart and laughter, and we loved returning to our favorite Saint Mary's Cathedral.  Certainly the most popular church for us.  After a pleasant stop off at Lockerbie, we headed to The Ritz Charles.  Alan of Mcnamara Florist really brought out the beauty and more subtle qualities of the space with an antique, feminine feeling ideal for Mel and Rachel to enjoy their first meal as husband and wife.  By the end of the night, Jim Cerone had entire pavilion of guests feeling quite at home with their dancing shoes on.  It wouldn't be complete without the sparkler send off... perfectly orchestrated by Christa of Blissfully Simple Events.  Such a great team to be a part of, and a family we were so pleased to reunite with {Andrea and Ben from 2014}.  Wishing Mel and Rachel a wonderful life together, I have a feeling it will definitely be a fun adventure. 

Floral: Mcnamara Florist    Planning: Blissfully Simple Events   DJ: Jim Cerone   Stylist: David and Mary  Venue: Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion   Church: Saint Mary's Cathedral

Source: Ritz Charles and Saint Mary's wedding

Chelsea and Alex

  I've wanted to post this wedding since the night I looked over their images and began to edit... as sweet a couple as is their love for one another.  When Chelsea told me where she was to be married, I couldn't help but hope and pray that we'd work together, and so grateful I am that we did.  So much down to earth affection and emotion was shared on this wedding day.  Genuine from their head to their toes, in their words, and even in song!  It was absolutely our pleasure to document Alex and Chelsea's wedding day, and a warm reminder of our own marriage here under this gorgeous roof almost ten years ago.  John and I chose the location for the light streaming in during the hour of our ceremony. As I photographed Alex gleaming at his bride, holding her head in the palm of his hands for their first kiss, sending his arm up in the air with excitement, I let that feeling of that moment you step off the alter as husband and wife rush over my soul.  How grand it truly was, just as the pipes declare.  My appreciation and admiration for this couple continued to grow as they shared their own very special day with us.  And the rain, well... it couldn't have fallen on a more perfect spring day for a couple with big lives ahead and even bigger hearts blooming.

Many, many thanks to the staff of The Indiana Landmarks Center , the beautiful flowers by Lily Lane and the very talented musicians of the Impalas.   

indiana landmarks center
Such a beauty, inside and out.

Such a beauty, inside and out.

Indiana Landmarks Groom
Indiana Landmarks details
of course, I'm partial... but perhaps one of the most ideal locations for a wedding ceremony.

of course, I'm partial... but perhaps one of the most ideal locations for a wedding ceremony.

Chelsea and Alex 11.jpg

Jennifer and Shawn

  A lovely bride and gentlemanly groom. The historical Omni Hotel adorned with beautiful flowers, table settings, guests dressed to the nines and full hearts in anticipation.  But it is clearly no secret, this dress stole my heart.  So very feminine, and so absolutely perfect for Jennifer.  From the lace and delicate buttons to the whimsy tulle of fabric and satin ribbon just so.  So there it is, all was set and the day began to unfold.  The reveal, the little trip downtown in a romantic drizzle of late fall rain, a few moments with the wedding party and family photos, and finally the joyful "I do".   And so much excitement in their eyes!  The night gracefully carried on into the cake cutting, toasts and first dance.   And then, again, away went my heart.  The longest ones married in the room showing us all what is truly precious and delicate in this timeless story. Far more than lace, more than a day of beautiful things . . something like a gift tied up with a golden thread, just so.  Wishing Jenn and Shawn a similarly long and ever joyful romance as they celebrate over one year of marriage. 

Along with ... Video by Unique Heart Productions and True Colors make up and styling.  Wonderful to work with, as usual!  Great music delivered by Lakeside Entertainment and the gorgeous flowers by The Empty Vase.

the omni details
before first look at the Omni
first reaction Omni wedding
I do wonder . . . what was the piece of advice offered here?  Clearly, it has been keeping this love alive!

I do wonder . . . what was the piece of advice offered here?  Clearly, it has been keeping this love alive!